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Title :Crime Patrol Dastak - Ep 1058 - Full Episode - 7th June, 2019
Video ID :U6c3_k07I2Y
Duration :00:45:06
Viewed :735,725x
Published :09 June 2019
Source :Youtube
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Episode 1058: Inhumane
In today's episode of Crime Patrol, we see how humanity has turned its way away from crimes. We see a couple getting harassed in the middle of the road by a gang of men. Stay tuned!

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About Crime Patrol :
Crime Patrol will attempt to look at the signs, the signals that are always there before these mindless crimes are committed. Instincts/Feelings/Signals that so often tell us that not everything is normal. Maybe, that signal/feeling/instinct is just not enough to believe it could result in a crime. Unfortunately, after the crime is committed, those same signals come haunting.